If I blocked someone on Facebook would they still get my last message?

Answer Blocking them makes it impossible for them to send you a message but I think they can still read yours unless they Block you, too

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How to message someone on facebook who has blocked you?

you can email their username ( but if you do it from the email account you used for facebook they wont get it - if you use a different email account, they will get it, but it ... Read More »

How can i send message to someone who has blocked me on facebook?

if she blocked you there is no way you can write her a message, you would need to make a new facebook account or something :)

What does it say when you message someone on facebook that blocked you 10 POINTS?

I really don't think he will receive the message because he will most probable answer back, and considering the fact that he blocked you, sorry to hear, happened to me too.

I try to message my girlfriend on Facebook but i can't and I asked her if she blocked me she said no?