If I ate 500cals for one day am I in starvation mode?

Answer No. After just one day you would NOT be in starvation mode, my friend.

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Am I in starvation mode?

Talk to your mother, your doctor and a qualified therapist.

Is starvation mode a myth? least what you are probably thinking starvation mode is. Here's the truth.If you don't eat, your body will burn the carbs in your GI tract...your dinner, for example. The carbs are convert... Read More »

Does your body really go into starvation mode if you don't eat enough calories?

I feel like I should go into starvation mode to lose weight?

It is never safe to do this, because your body responds to it by HOLDING ONTO the fat, an not wanting to let it go. I once did this, and when I did eat, I GAINED 5 pounds. In order to lose weight, ... Read More »