If I am making Bowchickadome for dinner, how many plates should I set out?

Answer I would love to have the recipe for Bowchickadome. My guess would be that you need to set out a plate for every guest that you expect?

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What are dinner plates made of?

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How do I Print on Melamine Dinner Plates?

Print on melamine dinner plates using either enamel paint or paint specifically for painting on glass. Both paints are available for purchase at local hobby and craft stores. Use a stencil, hand pa... Read More »

Why are dinner plates called china?

China dishes are typically given away as wedding gifts or used as dinnerware for special occasions. The dishware originated in the country for which it's named and underwent further development in ... Read More »

How to Salvage Gold Decoration From Old Dinner Plates?

Old dinner plates with gold decorations are prone to fading, especially with older china dishes. Many of these gold decorated dinner plates were made before the widespread use of the dishwashers an... Read More »