There is a Japanese restaurant in tarzana, CA called "Sushi Mon". what does that mean?

Answer Sushi is raw fish served with different raw seafood and vegetables with rice rolled up and cut in sections. "Mon" is a familiar term used in Jamaica, The Caribbean, and in the surf culture. Usually... Read More »

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Someone just called me a sick pig. Does that mean I have Swine Flu?

lmao...if u experience chills...and sickly thats probly a syptom....but sick pig maybe means ur just being a pervert...need more details...

How do you word on baby shower invitation that guest will pay for own food at restaurant?

Put on the very bottom of the invitation to eat at your expense.

Is it true that new Turkish-Armenian restaurant called MEDITERRENEE pening in Irvine California near John Wayn?

Yes it is true, almost finished and will be open soon, called Mediterrenee

What does "Dress Code: Casual" mean for a restaurant?

I've read the responses...and I don't think they are accurate - Jeans are fine ...especially at upwards of $100 for a pair of designer jeans! Don't wear them baggy - showing your boxers.YOU ARE AR... Read More »