If I add water to vinegar will it lower the percentage?

Answer Waz's answer is on the ball, use less and/or water the vinegar down until you strike a balance which suits your taste.Good luck!

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Use of Vinegar to Lower PH Water Levels?

pH, the standard measurement of fluid acidity, can affect all kinds of things depending on what exactly you're using water for. One very common reason for having to monitor pH is the preservation o... Read More »

Does vinegar lower pH levels in hot tub water?

Yes. Vinegar is a solution of acetic acid with a pH of 3, compared with a pH of 7 for pure water. White vinegar at a concentration of 3 to 6 ozs. per 100 gallons can therefore be used to lower the ... Read More »

Does vinegar (rice vinegar preferably) lower sugar levels?

No. Vinegar of any kind does not control blood sugar.

Does white vinegar lower blood pressure?

On One Hand: No Clinical EvidenceThere is no clinical evidence that white vinegar helps to lower blood pressure. There is no mineral or other nutritional substance in white vinegar that has been s... Read More »