If I Add extra RAM to my computer will it deactivate my windows?

Answer RAM is fine, adding or switching a hard drive is usually fine, if you change out a computer's video card, Windows usually doesn't complain (activation wise)It's really the motherboard that makes Wi... Read More »

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Im getting an extra 1gb of ram on monday, how much will it affect my computer?

It will make tasks complete faster especially photo software and games. I went from 1gig to 2gig but did not notice much difference. but going from 256 to 1gig you will notice a big improvement

If i install Windows XP on a Windows 98 computer will the computer break?

no, it's fine do itwith the money bill gates has and the monopoly that microsoft has trust me windows will never cause your computer to break, just run very slowYou can actually install windows 98 ... Read More »

How to Deactivate UAC in Windows 7?

You know the annoying User Account Control window that pops up every time a programme wants to do something to the computer? Want to deactivate it? Read on...

How to Deactivate Windows XP Home Edition?

All editions of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system require users to enter a 25-character product key during the setup process. This key acts as a piracy deterrent, since only one Windows XP ... Read More »