If Household Cleansers are so good ........?

Answer They are covering their a.s in case the product doesn't clean everything you want it too.Stains or mould ----- No product can totally clean & those that say do are lying.Haleigh --- Yep its the Can... Read More »

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Any good daily facial cleansers you can recommend for a 15 year old girl?

I'm 15 and i use Purity Made Simple by Philosophy. It's high end, but removes dirt, oil, and makeup flawlessely! And its a better buy on QVC.comThe drugstore cleansers I've tried have been Clean&Cl... Read More »

How to Be a Good Spy in Your Household or Family?

Have you ever wanted to spy on someone to get secrets or to get help? Well you came to the right tutorial.

Good Household remedy for slippers if you please?

Not really reverse the damage, sorry. However, you can use masking tape, i.e., put on your sippers and holding the fabric so that the slippers fit, tape them there. The magic of masking tape is t... Read More »

What are some good household decorations I can make with the kids?

Well what sort of decorating are you looking to do? I always like decorating for the holidays with my boys. This year we are making a tampon yeaster bunny. This site has lots of great tips that you... Read More »