If Benjamin Franklin starts editing Wikipedia, how long before he gets banned?

Answer Franklin once said, "The first responsibility of every citizen is to question authority."Being that Wikipedia's community governance has become mired in the worship of and fealty to pseudo-authorit... Read More »

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How to Draw Benjamin Franklin?

This article explains how to draw Benjamin Franklin as he appears on the US $100 bill.

Was Benjamin Franklin criticized for his inventions?

Benjamin Franklin was criticized, mocked and laughed at for some of his inventions. In particular,The Royal Society of London balked at his famous kite experiment in which Franklin found the connec... Read More »

How Can I Make a Benjamin Franklin Costume?

Making historical costumes is often something that's quite difficult for those who want to achieve the proper effect, particularly when portraying a historically important individual. Benjamin Fran... Read More »

How did Benjamin Franklin invent bifocals?

Benjamin Franklin needed glasses most of his life. The problem was that he had to change from one pair of glasses to the other when he wanted to see near or far. To solve the problem, he invented w... Read More »