If Americans call jam jelly, what do they call jelly?

Answer Sorry, mate -- in America we do have jam, and call it that. Fruit-based spreads to put on toast comes with four names on this side of the Pacific:Jam consists of pieces of fruit cooked with sugar ... Read More »

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Jelly Doughnut Bagel with Jelly Or English Muffin with Jelly Which from this list do you like better?

They all sound so tempting, but I`ll go with the English Muffin. I always love your food questions, Night, Scooter!

Survey: What flavor of jam/jelly do you use for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

Cherry preserves! And if I have them, I also put on cut up banana or blueberries. Some people also like cut up slices of apple. I like cherries the best, though, because I get tired of strawberries... Read More »

When did jelly belly begin making blueberry-flavored jelly beans?

Jelly Belly introduced blueberry-flavored jelly beans in 1981. The flavor was invented in honor of President Ronald Regan, who wanted to serve red, white and blue jelly beans at his inauguration pa... Read More »

Why do Americans call torches 'flashlights' when they don't flash at all.?

They used to have a 'flash' button on them so people back during wars/harsh times could send coded messages in Morse code language. That is not necessary today but we kept the name ----same as you... Read More »