If 4 Vivarin a day bad for you or is it like 4 cups of coffee?

Answer It's like eight cups of coffee....and terrible for you....more terrible to get off of....

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What's the difference between Keurig coffee cups and their iced coffee cups?

There is more coffee in the iced Kcup portion packs. This allows the coffee to still taste like coffee after adding all of the ice (it doesn't get watered down). I use the regular Kcups to make i... Read More »

Are there coffee makers that grind coffee but are also compatible with k-cups?

Hello Jess,I don't think they exist.I would be happy if i get a coffee maker that can make coffee from coffee beans, and also make coffee out of k-cups..

How many cups of coffee is too much in a day?

im addicted to caffeine especially coffee you tell me

How many cups of coffee have you maxed out in a day?

it's noon and I'm on my fourth... i'll let you know later