If 2 shots of Tequila make a 5'11" 25 year old man dizzy (but in right mind), will the 3rd one make him drunk?

Answer With tequila one shot can make the difference.If you feel ok with 2 shots,leave it at that.You can maybe have one more after 1 or 2 hours.You are not that age when you have to proove something by d... Read More »

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How to Make Tequila Sunrise Jello Shots?

Tequila sunrise Jell-O shots combine grenadine, orange juice, tequila and gelatin. These shots have a lovely layered look that gives them added elegance.

How many shots of vodka will it take to make me drunk?

if you drink a lot, 5 or 6, If you don't drink much...1

I feel really dizzy like im drunk?

You're just ill. Maybe you're light headed due to dehydration. Sit down, have a glass of water then see how you feel. It also sounds like you could faint, so make sure there's someone else home, an... Read More »

What gets you drunk faster vodka or tequila?

Typically both are going to be 80 proof, which means they have exactly the same amount of ethanol and ethanol is what makes you drunk. So, unless they are different proofs, there is no difference a... Read More »