Idk what to do about my 4 yr old and her preschool teachers...?

Answer If you are able, I would keep looking for a place that fits your child. These teachers obviously don't know how to handle ALL children. There are plenty of children who have some behavioral issues,... Read More »

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Helloo Can someone please answer my question about preschool teachers?

I'm not in Florida. In most states now, you need a 4 year degree to get a teacher or lead teacher position in a high quality program. But there are probably 2 ways you could find out for sure. O... Read More »

What do preschool teachers do?

Its hard to describe truly a preschool teachers job they are the teacher, caregiver, the pediatrician, psychologist etc. all wrapped into one.There are days were a virus is going around the room an... Read More »

What would you do(preschool teachers)?

Skates, you've asked 4 questions to complete strangers that suggest you're not handling your classroom very well. You need to solve the problem at school, involving the principal if necessary.

What do you think of men as preschool teachers?

Your mom's thoughts were correct at one time, but times are changing. I have worked with several male preschool teachers who were excellent teachers, and great role models for young boys in the cl... Read More »