Identify this bug bite please!?

Answer Probably a bee of some kind. There is a kind that doesn't leave a stinger or it could have came out somehow.

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Can anyone identify this bug bite?

It is almost always impossible to identify the bug that did the biting just from the appearance of the bite. Check this site that has pictures of common bug bites and it might help you.http://www.... Read More »

Identify this spider bite.... Brown Recluse?

Contrary to hyperbole, you cannot see fang marks from anything other than huge spiders like tarantulas. Nearly all spider bites will have a lingering itch from the venom, but symptoms rarely last t... Read More »


It looks to me like an insect has bitten you.To treat it, wash the affected area with soap and water and pat dry - don't rub, as this can cause further irritation. Apply a cold compress to reduce s... Read More »

Identify this guitar please?

not always. refer to serial numbers to identify the model.