Identification of a Hemlock?

Answer Hemlock is a harmless-looking plant, but it's a toxic species that can cause illness and even death to unsuspecting humans and animals that consume it. It's not a rare plant, either; it can be foun... Read More »

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What Is a Hemlock Tree?

The hemlock tree is a forest species of evergreens found across the United States. It is a spruce tree of the genus Tsuga and there are three main types. The Western Hemlock is Washington's state t... Read More »

How to Transplant Hemlock Trees?

Hemlock trees are a soft-needled evergreen with a conical shape that resembles pine and spruce. Tall, graceful, deep-rooted hemlocks are prettiest when unpruned, with the lowest branches brushing t... Read More »

How to Plant Hemlock Trees?

A member of the pine family, the hemlock tree is an evergreen conifer with a medium growth rate. Three species of hemlock are commonly planted in the backyard landscape: Eastern, Carolina and Weste... Read More »

About Hemlock Trees?

Hemlock trees, from the genus Tsuga in the family Pinaceae, are found in North America, China and Japan, where they grow in cool, moist areas. In the southern range of their habitat, they prefer hi... Read More »