Ideas to Welcome New Parents to Marching Band?

Answer Many students in middle school and high school participate in their schools' marching bands. Parents are an important part of the marching band community; they lend support to the band and their b... Read More »

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How to Conduct a Marching Band?

A marching band requires a person to keep time so they may march in step and play at the same speed. This person (a Drum Major) will be the person conducting them in how they act, march, and play.

How to March In Marching Band?

Being a member of a marching band is difficult. Marching while playing an instrument takes concentration and determination. Marching an 8 to 5 step size isn't easy, and fast tempos don't make it an... Read More »

How to Join a Marching Band?

High school marching band is a highly rewarding activity that requires a lot of hard work. Joining your school's marching band can be the greatest time of your life if you are ready for it.

How to Make Marching Band Banners?

Take pride in your marching band by presenting yourselves to the public with a banner. Whether the band is walking in a parade, appearing at a sporting event or performing at a community gathering,... Read More »