Ideas to Keep Students From Playing in Their Desks?

Answer Students are naturally distracted by things during class which can cause a loss of focus on the task at hand. One thing that many students get distracted by is the desk. Keeping students from playi... Read More »

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Ideas to Keep ADD Students From Playing at Their Desks?

Attention Deficit Disorder is a learning disability that according to the National Institute of Mental Health affects three to five percent of children. It is marked by a short attention span, diff... Read More »

Ideas to Stop My Students From Playing in Their Desks?

There are few things more frustrating to teachers than a classroom full of distracted students. If your classroom is equipped with desks that hold books inside them, you may find your students beco... Read More »

Cats keep using my garden as their public toilets. How can I keep them away without hurting them Any ideas?

Go to a pet store our shop online dirt is a product you sprinkle in the soil.

How to Keep Employees From Playing Too Much Solitaire on XP?

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