Ideas to Keep Chairs From Scratching Your Classroom Floor?

Answer If you are a teacher, then you know how students tend to slide their chairs across the classroom floors. Whether they are sliding themselves toward their desk at the start of the period or away fro... Read More »

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How to Prevent a Rocking Chair From Scratching the Floor?

A rocking chair can cause scratches on hardwood or tiled floors if small granules of debris find their way under the rockers and the rocking chair is put into motion. The small granules of debris g... Read More »

How to stop a sofa scratching a wooden floor?

I would stick felt to the feet, or a cardboard coaster liberated from your local public house.

What can i put under sofa feet to stop scratching laminate floor?

this is what everyone is on abouti have these, you can get them in strips too, you just cut to size, peel the back off and they stick on the feet of chairs tables and sofasyou can get them in any d... Read More »

Why does a dog keep scratching his ears?

A dog may scratch at its ears for a variety of reasons. Whether your dog is itchy due to an infection or a parasite, it is important to get to the bottom of the issue so your dog can feel better as... Read More »