Ideas to Do for Science Fair for Fifth Grade?

Answer Ideas for fifth-grade science fair projects are plentiful. In your role as educator, help your students focus their projects by first selecting a scientific discipline and then taking on a project ... Read More »

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Fifth Grade Science Fair Ideas on Ornithology?

Birds have fascinated people for thousands of years---and triggered some jealousy over their ability to fly. Studying birds gives us insight into many branches of scientific inquiry, including phys... Read More »

Ideas for a Fifth-Grade Science Fair Project?

Fifth-graders have a good grasp of science and that there are many disciplines in the field. Science teachers assign science projects throughout the year as a way to assess student knowledge of cer... Read More »

Easy Science Fair Project Ideas for the Fifth Grade?

Science fair projects encompass different areas of the scientific world. Children can learn about areas of microbiology, chemistry, mathematics and other areas of science through projects completed... Read More »

Science Fair Project Ideas With Health for the Fifth Grade?

Science fair projects can come from any of the various branches of science---chemistry, biology, physics and so on. While fifth graders may not have mastered the ins and outs of microbiology, they ... Read More »