Ideas to Decorate a Trapper Keeper?

Answer If you went to school in the 1980s, you probably carried a Trapper Keeper. These popular notebooks, which were made by the Mead Corporation, were decorated with the faces of celebrities and cartoon... Read More »

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What is a Trapper Keeper notebook?

A Trapper Keeper notebook is a binder made by Mead company. Trapper Keepers were particularly popular in the 1980s and '90s. They contain dividers for keeping subjects separate, and folders in whic... Read More »

What else can I feed a Venus trapper and a Pitcher plant besides insects?

DON'T feed it hamburger meat; it's too fatty. It'll kill the plant.Actually, flytraps are supposed to be put through a dormancy in the winter. They don't need insects. I'm surprised no one has p... Read More »

Ideas for How to Decorate a Computer Lab?

A computer lab doesn't have to be a plain, boring room. A few small touches can add a lot of personality to your room. Students will look forward to working in an interesting and nicely decorated e... Read More »

Ideas to Decorate Classrooms?

Whether you're preparing for the first day of school or the end of the year is approaching, decorating your classroom can be easy and rewarding. Bringing some bright colors into the room can instan... Read More »