Ideas on How to Teach Reading Using the Story "Johnny Appleseed"?

Answer Johnny Appleseed is often thought to be a fictional character, but he was a real man who distributed apple trees to much of New England and the Midwest in the late 18th century. There are many chil... Read More »

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Johnny Appleseed Ideas?

Johnny Appleseed, an American legend born in 1774, is taught to children at a young age, from rhymes to the general association with the fruit. By creating activities for kids based upon the young ... Read More »

Lesson Ideas for Johnny Appleseed?

John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed, traveled America in the early 1800s, planting apple seeds wherever he went. A devoutly religious man, Johnny Appleseed lived like a mendicant friar as ... Read More »

Johnny Appleseed Language Ideas for Preschoolers?

Near the end of September, as a wealth of juicy, ripe apples appear on grocery store shelves, preschool classrooms observe the birthday of the famous apple-planter, Johnny Appleseed. Born John Chap... Read More »

Who did Johnny Appleseed marry?

John Chapman, who was given the fictional name Johnny Appleseed, never married, according to the Ohio Apples Marketing Program. The name was given because of his devotion to planting countless appl... Read More »