Ideas of Turtle Models?

Answer Turtles are compelling and unusual creatures because many can retreat inside their shells. They range in size from thumb-sized to 700 lbs. or more, and they come in a plethora of patterns and color... Read More »

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Box Turtle Research Ideas?

With four species and 11 subspecies, the box turtle comprises the most common turtle in America. Because box turtles possess many different biological oddities, studying box turtles provides a weal... Read More »

Project Ideas for Solar System Models?

Making a model of the solar system is a great way to help students learn the order of the planets and help them get the feel for the distance between the planets in the solar system. You may want t... Read More »

Turtle Bulletin Board Ideas?

Share the wonders of the reptile kingdom by creating turtle bulletin boards to enlighten children about these slow but distinctive creatures. Decorate the board with different shades of green and r... Read More »

Ideas for Plant Cell Models for Middle School Projects?

Learning the construction of a plant cell is an important part of middle school science. Plant cells are made of a variety of different parts including the plasma membrane, nucleus, mitochondria, r... Read More »