Ideas for trick photography using props and a simple 35mm zoom camera?

Answer holding a building in handflag pole or tree out of headhave person in hand

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How to Measure the Zoom on a 35mm Camera?

When you are shopping for a digital camera, one of the most significant selling points is the level of zoom the camera is capable of, measured with numbers like "8X" and "12X." This number is a mea... Read More »

Calling all camera buffs: Why is 35mm the standard size in digital professional photography...?

The explanation is that in the beginning, technology could not produce a sensor to match the 36 x 24 mm frame size of a 35 mm camera, yet all the dSLR's were based upon the design (and in the begin... Read More »

Friend needs a 35mm SLR (not digital) camera for college, any ideas?

Go to eBay and search for "Olympus Accura View Zoom 80 QD 35mm Film Camera". The result you find there might be a good choice; it's certainly cheap, and it's only been used a few times.

HELP ! I bought an Olympus Accura Zoom XB 70, 38-70mm AF Zoom Camera off eBay it came W/OUT INSTRUCTIONS! !?…try this link hopefully it'll save you.i dont have the camera myself but i research on google and found the olympus website and went from there. hope thi... Read More »