Ideas for trick photography using props and a simple 35mm zoom camera?

Answer holding a building in handflag pole or tree out of headhave person in hand

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How to Measure the Zoom on a 35mm Camera?

When you are shopping for a digital camera, one of the most significant selling points is the level of zoom the camera is capable of, measured with numbers like "8X" and "12X." This number is a mea... Read More »

Calling all camera buffs: Why is 35mm the standard size in digital professional photography...?

The explanation is that in the beginning, technology could not produce a sensor to match the 36 x 24 mm frame size of a 35 mm camera, yet all the dSLR's were based upon the design (and in the begin... Read More »

How to Perform a Simple Card Trick Using "Precognition"?

This card trick is a very simple and effective way to astound your family and friends.

Is a 50mm lens considered normal if using a 35mm camera?

Yes, when using a 35mm format film, the 50mm prime lens is considered a "normal" or "natural view" lens.This does not hold true when using a Digital SLR camera (DSLR) because the sensor for most ca... Read More »