Ideas for the Last Week of School?

Answer As the school year comes to a close, it is difficult to keep kids focused on schoolwork. Instead of fighting to keep their minds off of summer vacation, encourage excitement for summer and the next... Read More »

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Math Ideas for the Last Week of School?

During the last week of school, your students might not quite feel up to completing tedious mathematical formulas or equations, and chances are, you also will be drained by having explained them al... Read More »

Ideas for the Last Week of Primary School?

The class is antsy, the countdown has begun and all the kids know they have five more days until school ends. You might feel compelled to give in and party the week away, but inside you want to im... Read More »

Your son is 5 years old was out of school all last week went to doctor and they said he had strep but didn't do a culture prescribed an antibotic and it has been a week and still running a fever?

yes. The technical term for a fever is 98.6, it varies though depending on the person. So it might no be a fever if it was 99.4 or something around that range. So yes, it doesn't matter nescarily i... Read More »

Fun Last Week of School Activities?

The end of the year is an exciting time for students and educators. Use this time to summarize information your students learned and transition into the summer break. Several activities can remind ... Read More »