Ideas for sweet Italian snacks?

Answer I don't understand what do you mean exactly.. however when we spend the night at home with friends, we usually eat pizza.. it looks forgone this kind of food, but I assure you that we are very simp... Read More »

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What some common Italian snacks?

CazzilliSicilian potato fritters that closely resemble fritters both Moroccan and Genoese. From my review of Anissa Helou's Mediterranean Street FoodFocaccia col Formaggio Cheese-filled focaccia is... Read More »

Please feel free to leave any suggestions, what kind of snacks should i serve at my sweet 15?

Meatballsdevil eggschicken wingshotwingschicken tendersVegtable Platterwith ranch dipchips and dipsHotdogsand hambrugers

How you like your Italian Sausage Mild Sweet Or Spicy?

Anyone else on a low calorie diet Ideas for snacks?

Here are a list of great snacks for under 50 calories!2 egg whites (33 calories)1 97% fat free Hebrew national hot dog (50 calories)Sugar free ice pops (15 calories)sugar free fudgsicle (40 calorie... Read More »