Ideas for new youtube VLOGS pleeease & thankyouuu :)?

Answer talk randomlyprank call ppl and speak japanesesingdanceread poemsdo somethin ur good attell funny storiesuse garage band to edit ur videos so u talk like a chipmunkinterview someoneask 5 questions ... Read More »

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Girls only pleeease!?

Thongs can be incredibly uncomfortable for a lot of us; if it doesn't feel comfortable then don't wear it. Honestly, there is nothing worse than putting yourself through pain just to impress somebo... Read More »

How to Find Vlogs?

Vlog is the term for a video blog, which allows a user to record a video memo discussing just about anything. LIke a blog, vlogs can be uploaded to the internet giving others the opportunity to vie... Read More »

Any advice for further vlogs?

in none of your thumbnails are you actually in the video, that may be your style but it will likely affect your audience. You aren't even your profile picture.I can't offer advice for topics becaus... Read More »

What are good cameras to use for filming sketches/vlogs?

Camcorders and cameras that happen to capture video as a secondary "convenience feature" range in price from about $50 to about $80,000.Step 1: Set a budget. In addition to the video capture device... Read More »