Ideas for an assignment needed please?

Answer Italy - lasagna, ravioli, spaghetti alla Puttanesca, risotta alla milanese, etc. Mexican - Caldo, chile relleno, cabrito, barbacoa, mole, pozole, carne asada, etc. French - Coq au vin, pot au feu, ... Read More »

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PowerPoint Presentation Ideas for a Computer Class Homework Assignment?

Computer programming influences virtually every area of life and many career paths. Like a creeping vine growing up the side of a historic building, computer programming has woven itself into moder... Read More »

Main Ideas Needed in Geometry?

Most geometry courses cover lines, angles, triangles, circles and quadrilaterals. Solids, i.e., three-dimensional shapes, are usually taught as well. Some classes also include introductory trigonom... Read More »

Creative cooking ideas needed. I have no stove right now.?

Crock pots are awesome.These both depend on the size of your crock pot/how many you're feeding/if you want leftovers1) Get a pack of riblets put them in the pot (uncooked) depending on the size of ... Read More »

Playgroup Ideas needed for preschool age kids...?

a cute craft would be:……These are some cool games:…http://familyfun.go.... Read More »