Ideas for an assignment needed please?

Answer Italy - lasagna, ravioli, spaghetti alla Puttanesca, risotta alla milanese, etc. Mexican - Caldo, chile relleno, cabrito, barbacoa, mole, pozole, carne asada, etc. French - Coq au vin, pot au feu, ... Read More »

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How to get my printer to work for an assignment due tomorrow please!!!!!?

since you didnt install the stuff on the CD, im sure you dont have the driver for the printed installed on to the computer.…use the link, and download the ... Read More »

PowerPoint Presentation Ideas for a Computer Class Homework Assignment?

Computer programming influences virtually every area of life and many career paths. Like a creeping vine growing up the side of a historic building, computer programming has woven itself into moder... Read More »

Cure needed please?

cup of boiling water with an oxo added works for me!

HELP needed please?

Empty your cache and delete all cookies.If you have an IE icon on your desktop (not shortcut) just right click that -> Properties -> look in their to Delete your browsing history. That should also ... Read More »