Ideas for an Egg-Drop Lab?

Answer Egg-drop labs are common in high school physics classes, where students are assigned to drop a raw egg from a certain height without breaking the egg. The assignment is accompanied with specific pa... Read More »

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Egg Drop Test Ideas?

Protecting an egg from breaking provides insight to a common problem faced by scientists such as the NASA engineers who had to figure out to drop a rover onto Mars without damaging it, or the engin... Read More »

Ideas for an Egg Drop Experiment?

The egg drop experiment is commonly used in physics classes to teach about free fall. It requires students to figure out a way to drop an egg in a container without the egg breaking. Students desig... Read More »

Egg Drop Parachute Ideas?

The egg drop is a hands-on activity that gives students an opportunity to learn about parachutes. For this activity the students will drop an egg from a given height and try to make sure it remains... Read More »

Successful Egg Drop Ideas?

Egg drop projects teach students to use logic and teamwork to protect their eggs from a fall. There are a variety of ways to conduct an egg drop. Begin by explaining the process and handing out egg... Read More »