Ideas for a new camera?

Answer People so often ask: "Which one is a good camera to buy?" A quick search would have given you hundreds of replies, but once again here is my 10 cents on the subject:Point & Shoot cameras are wonder... Read More »

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Any ideas for a good camera?

Video ideas for my new camera?

While a agree with "CuriousGeorge", I don't think posting for such free services is a good idea. You or someone in your family may know about local non-profits, animal shelter/rescue, Rotary or Lio... Read More »

Good reverse camera ideas?

Do the cinnamon challenge! But rig it up that you are blowing the cinnamon out 1/4 tubing via a compressed air tank and then mask all that stuff out so that it looks like it's going in one nostril... Read More »

Looking for digital camera.....any ideas?

You don't need a whole hell of a lot of megapixels. 4 to 6 or 7 is fine. If you're coming out of 35mm and many times changed shutter speed, then you'd want aperture/shutter priority. For under $200... Read More »