Ideas for a low-calorie shake/smoothie?

Answer If you are looking for healthy and delicious, I'd strongly urge that you look on the Internet for recipes for "green smoothies." Typically, these include dark leafy greens such as kale, chard, or c... Read More »

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Anyone else on a low calorie diet Ideas for snacks?

Here are a list of great snacks for under 50 calories!2 egg whites (33 calories)1 97% fat free Hebrew national hot dog (50 calories)Sugar free ice pops (15 calories)sugar free fudgsicle (40 calorie... Read More »

Low calorie healthy Lunch ideas?

Option 1P B & J on whole wheat breadbottle water325 caloriesOption 22 oz pecansapplebottle water280 caloriesOption 31 cup black beans and 1/2 cup brown ricebottle water350 caloriesOption 42 oz pean... Read More »

I'm looking for low calorie homemade recipes for stir fry.. The pre made sauces are so fatty and high calorie?

Start with a broth base (veggie, beef, chicken, or whatever you like - water can be substituted but it will be less flavorful) and mix in as much minced garlic and ginger as you would like, some ch... Read More »

Can you eat whatever you want as long as the calorie total equal to your daily calorie goal?

You might get better advice in the fitness section. This is a complicated question as well.