Ideas for a US History Term Paper?

Answer When some students think of U.S. History term papers, they think of seemingly irrelevant facts and dates. However, U.S. history also includes music, art, crime and technology -- or any subject that... Read More »

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US History Term Paper Topics?

The purpose of a U.S. history term paper is to measure the progress you have made in the class. Good U.S. history papers demonstrate historical reasoning skills instead of just dumping information ... Read More »

American History Term Paper Topics?

The obvious titles for an American History term paper may be World War II, The Great Depression, The Civil War or The American Revolution. These titles have merit, but there are many other topics t... Read More »

Unique History Term Paper Topics?

History is an interdisciplinary subject that touches upon various social, economic, philosophical and psychological factors. As a result, it provides a whole range of topics for discussion. Dependi... Read More »

Term Paper Topics for Ancient History?

Ancient history is a broad subject. Starting with the beginnings of civilization and usually leading up through the fall of the Roman Empire, ancient history certainly has no shortage of interestin... Read More »