Ideas for a Stairwell?

Answer The stairwell is often one of the most prominent features in a home, as it is typically noticeable immediately upon walking in the front door. While some homeowners choose a stairwell in the same w... Read More »

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something in stairwell closet?

Call pest control first and see if it's rodents or maybe something along those lines. Also, listen to see how often it repeats, if at all. If the sounds continue, but there is no pest Read More »

How to Use Accent Lighting in a Stairwell?

Lighting a stairwell in your home can be tricky. Narrow, cramped staircases can make simple overhead lighting feel harsh, but an entirely unlit stairwell can feel dim, dingy, and even pose a slippi... Read More »

How to Install Handrails in a Stairwell?

Many states and counties require steps to have handrails, issuing building codes thatcall for stairway railings 34 to 38 inches above each stair. Handrails give you support while you are climbing o... Read More »

I need any ideas for a 12 year old b-day party. I need a theme, food ideas, and game ideas!?

Well you have your theme! It should be "everything that I love to do" and by "I" I mean YOU. Have a sleepover (those were my FAVORITE type of B-day parties when I was growing up)Start it a like 5 o... Read More »