Ideas for a Red Neck Christmas?

Answer Plan the best redneck Christmas ever and be the envy of all the neighbors in the trailer park. A redneck holiday does not take much planning. A few beer cans and dirty socks should set the atmosphe... Read More »

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Christmas Parade Float Ideas: Christmas Around the World?

Whether you are creating a Christmas float for your local high school, team, or business, you may be in need of some fresh ideas. If you want to design and display a Christmas float with an Around ... Read More »

My friend's had a pain in the neck ever since he got married, any ideas what could be the cause?

Unless she's hot like Lou Jones it could be the wife. Most likely its the stress of going through such an emotional event.

My son was born with a pin size hole in his neck. the doctor said its nothing to worry about. now he's 3 and i noticed there something clear that oozed out of it. it doesnt do this a lot. any ideas?

It must be a dermal sinus a tiny tube with a blind end. It usually does not cause any problem. Sometimes it can get infected and cause pain and swelling. In that situation a minor operation may be ... Read More »

How to Tighten Loose Skin on Neck (Avoid "Turkey Neck")?

Leave the "gobbler" to the turkey. Loose skin on neck can cause a great deal of insecurity and concern among men and women as we age.The normal aging process causes the neck area to sag and wrinkle... Read More »