Ideas for a Project on Pythons?

Answer Pythons are among the most well-known snake species because they can grow to an impressive size (sometimes exceeding 23 feet, according to National Geographic) even though they are rarely found in ... Read More »

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Dried Food Project Ideas for a School Project?

Dried food items such as fruits, beans and pastas are pantry staples because they have a long shelf life and are convenient items for snacking and cooking. Take advantage of the accessibility of dr... Read More »

Difference Between Pythons & Boas?

Both constrictor snakes, the boa and the python capture prey with their muscular bodies, twine themselves around the victim to constrict its movement and effectively squeezes it until suffocation o... Read More »

How to Care for Ball Pythons?

Ball Pythons curl into a ball when frightened, or sleeping and offer interesting photo opportunitiesBall Pythons make great pets for first time snake owners. They're clean, docile, easy to care for... Read More »

Types of Carpet Pythons?

The carpet python (Morelia spilota) is a slender species of python, with adult sizes ranging from six to 12 feet in length. The Integrated Taxonomic Information System recognizes six subspecies of ... Read More »