Ideas for a Hair Waver?

Answer A hair waver is a great way to give straight hair some texture and volume. Avoid the same old boring look--with the right techniques and ideas, you can use your waver to create interesting hairstyl... Read More »

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How to Use a Waver on Hair?

A hair waver is a great tool for creating bouncy waves in your hair. Unlike a hair crimper, which makes zigzag waves, a waver creates rounded waves. Hair wavers are commonly designed with three bar... Read More »

How to Use a 3-Barrel Hair Waver?

Bohemian style waves are always popular among women who want an undone, sexy style that is suitable for day or night. Using a three-barrel hair waver is one of the various methods used to create l... Read More »

Hair Waver Styles?

A hair waver or hair crimping tool creates small vertical waves in medium-length to long hair. The hair waver functions similarly to a straight iron, pressing the hair in between two wavy plates to... Read More »

How to Wave Hair Without a Waver?

Using a wavers and curling irons are popular ways to create the trendy wavy hairstyles we all love, but all that heat is definitely not easy on your hair.Too much heat can cause breakage and dry ou... Read More »