Ideas for a Fun Hotel Date?

Answer Hotels can serve as the staging area for many romantic dates. Couples who have been together for awhile may enjoy spicing things up with a romantic setting or playful game, which hotels can easily ... Read More »

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Tokio Hotel Family: World Behind My Wall/Lass uns laufen release date?

If it is the video then awesome, less than a month away!But if its just the single then :|Poll:Yeah, they need to step it up a bit or else peole will just get impatient......

What are some fun ideas to do at a hotel party?

beer pong. bring a tableand some red cups and a ping pong ball! And make sure you go somewhere with a pool and bring a volleyball/net. goood times

Hotel Sales & Marketing Ideas?

Hotel sales and marketing is an evolving endeavor. A hotel needs to change marketing styles and strategies to reflect current conditions and trends in the hotel and hospitality industry. The same t... Read More »

Hotel Birthday Party Ideas?

Holding a birthday party in a hotel permits the mess of the party to remain in the hotel. No need to clean up after your guests, as you would if you held the party in your home. Hotels provide you ... Read More »