Ideas for Teaching on Converting Metric Units?

Answer In an interconnected world, understanding the metric system is more important than ever. Most countries around the world use the metric system, so it is important to understand how it works. In fac... Read More »

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Ideas for Teaching the Fifth Grade to Convert Metric Units?

Teaching tools to reinforce metric system basics to fifth-graders include online conversion generators and self-grading, customizable quizzes. Virtual flashcards and games also teach students about... Read More »

Math Problems on Converting Metric Units?

In mathematics and science, measurements can often be made with one of two systems: the English system and the metric system. In the United States, the English system is used in everyday life, but ... Read More »

In what year did NASA loose a 125 million Mars orbiter because one engineer team used metric units while another used US customary units for a calculation?

Innovative Ideas for Teaching the Metric System?

Only a handful of nations have not converted to the metric system. Many educators believe this puts America in a weak place scientifically and internationally, where the metric system is standard. ... Read More »