Ideas for Teaching Nouns?

Answer Students learn faster when they are engaged in a process of interactive learning. Grammar is taught with different techniques that engage the student in the learning process. Nouns are typically ta... Read More »

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Ideas for Teaching Singular Possessive Nouns to Elementary Students?

Teaching grammar to young students can often be a challenge. Elementary students are at a great age to cement strong language skills, but do not have the attention span to sit through lengthy expla... Read More »

Teaching Nouns to Advanced ESL Students?

The more words you know in a given language, the better you can express yourself. Vocabulary on its own is not enough for knowing a language since it needs to be accompanied by sound grammar practi... Read More »

Resources for Teaching Learners About Capital Letters and Proper Nouns?

The basic rules for capitalization are: The first word in a sentence is always capitalized; capitalize proper nouns (the name of a specific person, place or thing); and capitalize a person's title ... Read More »

Practical Ideas for Teaching Main Ideas?

Grasping the main idea in a story or paragraph is difficult for most students. Yet this is a concept they must be taught when learning strategies for reading comprehension. The main idea is what th... Read More »