Ideas for Teaching Literary Composition?

Answer College composition classes usually focus on rhetoric, featuring the five paragraph expository essay with its thesis statement. The Internet age has been a mixed blessing for the composition teache... Read More »

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Ideas for Teaching Literary Genre?

Literature is divided into four basic groups, called genres. These types of literature include fiction, nonfiction, poetry and drama (or plays). Introducing students to different types of literatur... Read More »

Teaching Ideas for English Composition Teachers?

In English composition classes, you want to make your classes interesting but still educational by implementing activities into the lesson plans. When creating activities, think about what types of... Read More »

The Music Composition Teaching Methods for Elementary School?

Teaching music composition in elementary school can go beyond rote exercises and counting beats. Give students the tools and freedom they need to create their own mini masterpiece. Using differen... Read More »

Ideas for a Literary Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement gives your reader a preview your paper, but it also makes a claim that you will need to support throughout your essay with specific evidence. A literary thesis statement is no di... Read More »