Ideas for Teaching Letter Recognition?

Answer Before a child can learn to read or write, he needs to be able to recognize all 26 letters of the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase forms. Letter recognition involves being able to recognize... Read More »

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Ideas on Teaching the Letter Z?

A was a success, B was a breeze, C was exciting but by the time you get down to the end of the alphabet, you're all out of new ways to get kids involved with learning their letters. So, what can yo... Read More »

Kindergarten Ideas for Teaching the Letter B?

In kindergarten, your students are learning the basics of reading and writing: the alphabet. In learning the alphabet, each student is practicing how to write both uppercase and lowercase letters, ... Read More »

Ideas for Teaching the Sounds for Each Letter Using the Zoo?

Young children are often fascinated by animals, which is why teachers commonly use animals to teach the alphabet. Connecting something a child is interested in with learning makes the child more p... Read More »

Letter Recognition Lessons?

Preschool is the year that children learn all about the letters in the alphabet. A preschool teacher introduces each letter to the students and provides a lot of activities for the students in orde... Read More »