Ideas for Teaching Colonial America?

Answer Much has changed since the birth of American democracy. When studying the people and times of Colonial America, students begin to see how much has changed in society but how fundamental rights and ... Read More »

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Resources for Teaching Colonial Life in America?

The Colonial period of American history began in the early 1600s and lasted until 1776. The colonists came to America for a variety of reasons, from the desire for religious freedom to the desire f... Read More »

Colonial Teaching Theories & Methods?

From 1607 until the eve of the American Revolution, British colonists brought their families and folkways to the American Colonies. England encouraged migration to dominate this sector of the New W... Read More »

Colonial America Ways of Life?

Colonial America was a very different place than the America we know today. People lived a much more precarious existence and were forced to do things that today many of us would find impossible. ... Read More »

Third Grade Activities for Colonial America?

The Colonial Era is a fascinating time in our nation's history. Coordinating activities with your lessons on Colonial America will help third grade children to be excited and remember what they are... Read More »