Ideas for Stage Presence for Drummers?

Answer The difference between a great live show and a mediocre one often comes down to the stage presence of the musicians onstage. While the lead singer or guitarist often has an abundance of stage prese... Read More »

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How to Have Stage Presence for Groups?

Stage presence can be displayed differently depending upon genre of music. In this “How to” I am going to cover how to develop stage presence when on the stage with multiple people, like from a... Read More »

How to Have a Good Stage Presence?

How to get the crowd more into your stage show. This is specifically for hardcore/metal/punk/screamo.

How to Improve Stage Presence As a Lead Singer?

Steven Tyler of AerosmithEvery aspiring singer should know that just standing and singing well on stage will rarely keep your audience engaged and interested in your performance. Here are some tips... Read More »

How to Have Stage Presence for a Rock/Metal Show?

So you watch live videos of your favourite bands, and you wonder how they find the confidence to go up on stage and jump around and head bang in front of all those people? its quite simple really;