Ideas for Science Projects on the Earth's Crust?

Answer Memorizing the names of the different layers of the Earth--the inner core, outer core, mantle and the crust--may not be an extremely challenging task for students, but understanding how the differe... Read More »

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How to Get Ideas for Science Projects?

Ideas for science projects can develop from just about anything. One of the main ways to develop science fair projects is to ask a questions about the how, why and what if of an organism or a scien... Read More »

Fun Ideas for Science Projects?

Science projects are hands-on creative ways for children to learn about the world of science. They can incorporate art for the crafty types as well as all kinds of sensory materials that engage chi... Read More »

First Grade Ideas for Science Projects?

Plan interactive ideas for your first-grade students. Children learn more when they are more involved and are able to explore materials. Science projects in your class should consist of activities ... Read More »

Ideas for Using Pets for Science Projects?

Using pets for science projects is enjoyable for kids and especially interesting to students looking towards a future career involving animals. Not every school or county allows animal projects, so... Read More »