Ideas for Recessed Lighting?

Answer Recessed lighting allows you to hide lighting equipment and use wall and ceiling space for other design purposes. For example, in a contemporary kitchen, you want walls and ceilings to be smooth, a... Read More »

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How do I layout recessed lighting?

Laying out recessed lighting requires understanding the function of the room or space in which the lighting will be used, the strength of the light itself and any permanent obstacles in the space. ... Read More »

How to Adjust Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting can enhance the look of any room in the home as well as be a plus on a patio or other exterior area that is frequently in use. One of the benefits of this type of lighting is that... Read More »

How to Install Non-IC Recessed Lighting?

Non-IC recessed lighting is designed for a ceiling where insulation does not come into direct contact with the fixture housing. This type of recessed lighting fixture is best used in lower level ce... Read More »

What is recessed lighting?

Recessed lighting fixtures mount inside a surface, so the edge is flush with the surface. They are most commonly installed in ceilings but could also be in floors, railings or even walls. The light... Read More »