Ideas for Non-Computer-Based Phonics Games for Pre-K?

Answer There are many non-computer based phonics games available today for pre-kindergarten children. Phonics programs help kids learn to read, learn a language, do math and spell by using rhyming, beginn... Read More »

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Classroom Ideas & Games for Teaching Phonics?

To teach children phonics is to teach them the relationship between the sound and the spelling of a word, and how this relationship can be used to help reading. Good phonics knowledge leads to bett... Read More »

Problems With Phonics Based Reading?

The use of phonics in the classroom helps students learn how to read by deciphering how each letter sounds and putting those sounds together to create words. The method is intended to help students... Read More »

How to Write a Research Proposal About Phonics-Based Reading?

Phonics-based reading instruction teaches students how to read by encouraging them to break words down into acoustic components and "sound it out" as they read aloud. The method is not without con... Read More »

Primary Phonics Games?

One of the most important parts of the primary educational curriculum is learning to read and write. Because phonics is a fundamental in early childhood development, teachers and parents often use ... Read More »