Ideas for Making a 3-D DNA Stand for High School?

Answer Building models to better visualize concepts has a long tradition in science. The double helix of a DNA molecule might be the most iconic. To build your own 3-D DNA model worthy of a high school cl... Read More »

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How to Avoid Making Enemies in High School?

High school is a vicious place, with all sorts of rumor-spreading and people who are just plain mean. Most people aren't usually jerks, however, and it's very easy to avoid making enemies and stay ... Read More »

How come on Wikipedia it says they are making a Ned's Declassfied High School Survival Guide?

Yes. If you check Wikipedia it even tells you what animals he is composed of.

Is Devon Werkheiser making a Ned's Declassifed High School Survival Guide?

Maybe... While I do hate Barney, my 5 year old sister likes Barney and watches it everyday.

Library Bulletin Board Ideas for the School Year in High School?

Bulletin boards are an excellent way to convey information to students in a colorful, accessible fashion. High school libraries are a great place to utilize bulletin boards to reach students, as hi... Read More »