Ideas for Keeping a Car Cool?

Answer During hot days, your car interior can easily reach temperatures greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The windows on vehicles act as magnifiers of sunlight and without a way for the heat to leave t... Read More »

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Keeping Ice Pops frozen in a cool bag?

Well I'm not sure what the temp will be or how long you want them cool for. But I can tell you that you will maximize the results by placing the ice pack on the top of the cooler. This is because... Read More »

Keeping cool in the summer with just fans?

I got a smaller one maybe 24" different brand but does all the same things as what was advertized. I got for a "fan"-tastic price. $0.00 Rebate is the garbage dump.For the house and I am guessi... Read More »

Any ideas for keeping close to 400 DVD disks at home in an organized way?

Buy four case logic 100 dvd/cd case and throw them in there by alphabetical order.

Ideas for a Cool Presentation?

Some students see presentations as the bane of any academic career from middle school to high school to university. Students have to give and sit through so many presentations that everybody inevit... Read More »