Ideas for Ice Breakers in the Classroom?

Answer When you start a new school year or semester, you have a whole class of people who may not know each other. Icebreakers allow your students to get to know one another quickly. Some exercises take m... Read More »

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Classroom Set-Up Ideas?

It's the first day of school. Students enter a classroom and look around for some sign of assurance. The way a classroom is set up can either make students feel at ease and at home, or it can make ... Read More »

TCS Classroom Ideas?

Sir Ken Robinson stated in a 2006 presentation to TED Talks that, "Life is not linear; it's organic." Decisions must be made without the fear of failure or punishment. Sarah Fitz-Claridge, one of t... Read More »

Ideas for a Paperless Classroom?

In today's classroom, it seems pencil and paper are going the way of the chisel and stone tablet. As school age children are becoming more technologically savvy, classrooms have to evolve to keep p... Read More »

How to Decorate a Classroom Ideas?

Decorating a classroom can be a lot of fun since the options are virtually limitless. When decorating your classroom, create a look that is welcoming, inspiring and motivating for students -- a pla... Read More »