Ideas for Games for Teaching Beginning Consonant Sounds?

Answer There are 25 consonant sounds and 19 vowel sounds that make up the English language. Consonant sounds are sounds made by any letter(s) that are not vowels. These sounds are important to teach presc... Read More »

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Beginning Vowel Sounds Games?

Meaningful instruction in sound-letter relationships sets up students to be successful readers and writers. The more students know about sound-letter relationships, the more they can get beyond th... Read More »

How to Teach Consonant Blend Sounds?

Consonant blends, series of two or three consonants that retain their usual sound, are generally taught during first and second grade in order of frequency. Children typically learn about short vow... Read More »

Articulation Ideas for Teaching the /K/ & /G/ Sounds?

The /K/ and /G/ sounds are articulated by raising the back of the tongue to the top of the mouth and anchoring the tip of the tongue to the lower front teeth. Most children have mastered the /K/ an... Read More »

Ideas for Teaching the Sounds for Each Letter Using the Zoo?

Young children are often fascinated by animals, which is why teachers commonly use animals to teach the alphabet. Connecting something a child is interested in with learning makes the child more p... Read More »