Ideas for Fingernail Painting?

Answer A variety of fingernail polish and a little imagination are all you need to spruce up your manicure or pedicure. Bright colors don't need to just be summertime colors, and dark colors can be used y... Read More »

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How to Do Airbrush Fingernail Painting?

Airbrushed nails are all the rage, with a range of designs and styles reflecting the seasons, personal taste and the latest trends. Salons charge a pretty penny to polish up your nails, but learnin... Read More »

How to Learn Airbrush Fingernail Painting?

Employment in the "personal appearance" industry, which includes manicurists and nail technicians, is expected to continue a 10-year high growth period of 20 percent through the year 2018, much fas... Read More »

Fingernail Polish Ideas?

Whether you’re a little girl or a grown woman, nail polish is an enjoyable treat. You can go to a salon to get your nails done and feel pampered, or you can do your own nails at home and have fun... Read More »

How do you remove fingernail polish off fingernails without fingernail polish remover?

It will wear off , eventually, but you can buff it off with a fine grit nail file or emery board. Just don't rub too hard, and be careful around your cuticles.That answer was good, but i have a bet... Read More »