Ideas for Clown Faces on Kids?

Answer Clowns are featured in cultures throughout the world. They define comical behavior and slapstick humor with their silly antics. Their brightly colored faces are their trademark and the designs can ... Read More »

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Ideas for Making Clown Faces?

Clowns have been a part of entertaining children and their families for a long time. They perform in traveling circuses, entertain at children's birthday parties and are portrayed in Halloween cos... Read More »

Different Styles of Painted Clown Faces?

Many might be surprised to know that there are many different kinds of clown looks out there, with personalities to match. The Pierott clown is a European whiteface clown and is known as the more e... Read More »

Clown Tattoo Ideas?

For a different twist on your latest (or maybe it is your first) tattoo, consider an image of a clown. Clowns traditionally poke fun at human faults and imperfections while invoking laughter or tea... Read More »

Clown Face Painting Ideas?

Face painting is an artistic expression for those who paint and those who are painted. For a child, having his face painted can provide escape to a fantasy world, where he can role play. For older ... Read More »